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Rebels With A Cause

We are Allen & Brandi Abbey, founders of Property Rebels.

We have always been dreamers with a passion for saving the world! (Lofty goals, huh?) Our love for children, quite literally, brought us together.

While perusing an online "church" dating site back in 2005, Brandi came across Allen's profile & saw that he had 5 kids. That sealed the deal! She said, "he's the one for me!" and emailed him. After a very brief courtship of two months, they eloped! Thirteen years & 16 kids later, here they are. (Yes, you read that right - 13 whole years... oh and yeah, 16 kids 😉

Our mission is family.

​That whole 16 kids thing... we adopt, we've fostered (prefer not to do that again)

Our mission? To start a Rebel Movement that truly has the power to change lives! 

What do we mean? Throughout our marriage, God has blessed us with so many rich experiences that have tremendously impacted our lives.

We've seen the pain & destruction of addiction. We've seen the addict overcome.

We've seen the homeless regain their dignity & successfully maintain their housing for a transformed life.

We've seen the single mom, struggling to put food on the table for her kids.

We've been there. We understand.

Although we've never been homeless (only by the grace of God), we've personally screamed in the face of addiction & cried at the struggle of making ends meets. We completely get it.

And, only by the grace of God have we come where we are (sometimes kicking & screaming all the way!). Only because of His inherent goodness we are where we are.

We're Rebels With A Cause... and our cause is mankind. Our cause is you.